We are at the 2014 dealer conference

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We are at the 2014 dealer conference getting the scoop on all the new happenings at APR for our great customers. Great things are in the works!!

APR dealers from around the world have gathered today in Opelika, AL for the 2014 APR Dealer Conference. — with Giorgos Sinos, Konstantinos GiannopoulosWilliam Reilly, Jeffrey Hurley, Kenneth SpenceNate Conrad and J.T.


Some eye candy from the APR distributor conference. This car ran a 10.6 second quarter mile with just a tune!

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Overview of flashing process

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1. Power is disconnected


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Our shelves are FULL!!!

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Take a look at the list and see if there is anything you need. Select items can be discounted up to 10%.

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B8 S4 stage 2+

February 5, 2014 by: 2020

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This beautiful S4 braved the snowy weather to come up for a full system exhaust installation, APR pulley upgrade and APR software. Its going to be a very fun car by the end of the day!

Not able to control the airflow from defrost to floor? Is foam blowing out of your vents at you?

  • We can fix that! No need to replace your entire blower box.
  • This problem primarily happens on 99-04 Beetle, Golf, and Jetta.
  • This was on an Audi TT where all the foam had come off the air flaps.
  • It is now permanently back to original operating condition.