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APR 2.0 TSI Transverse Stage III+ Turbocharger System

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APR’s Engineers have once again taken the TSI to ground breaking levels of performance. APR is pleased to introduce the 2.0 TSI Stage III+ Turbocharger System producing 451 horsepower on standard 93 octane pump fuel and 501 horsepower on 100 octane race fuel! Thanks to APR’s advanced real time engine management calibration capabilities, the Stage III+ turbocharger spool is lightning fast with a nearly flat torque curve from 3500 RPM all the way to redline. In all driving conditions, Stage III+ has power instantly on tap to pull you back in your seat and put a huge grin on your face.

Power levels beyond that of the APR Stage III Turbocharger system were made possible with the addition of three main components:

  • Garrett/Honeywell GT3071R Turbocharger capable of airflow levels approximately 25% higher than the Stage III GT2860RS unit.
  • APR High Pressure Direct Injection Injectors approximately 30% larger than standard OEM TSI injectors.
  • APR’s world-class Stage III+ engine management recalibration, available in multiple octane levels seen around the world.

The APR Stage III+ includes every part necessary to completely upgrade the turbocharger system. Each component is completely engineered to deliver a turn-key solution with no additional expenses required other than oil, coolant and the typical supporting modifications for these power levels such as a cat-back exhaust, intercooler and upgraded intake. Every nut, bolt, gasket, associated hardware and all turbocharger system components required for fitment and reliability are included as well. A complete step by step installation guide including recommended tools, estimated time of install and detailed pictures is supplied to each client. APR’s expertly calibrated DPP ECU Upgrade specific to the Stage III+ Turbocharger System is included and is the glue that holds all of the substantial power delivery, drivability and reliability together. No other company in the world provides such a complete Turbocharger System for your TSI at these power levels.

APR’s Stage III+ Turbocharger System greatly increases power levels. APR recommends replacing the factory connecting rods with high strength connecting rods. APR is not responsible for damage, which may otherwise occur.


WHY WE LIKE IT : It is the best 450hp pump gas turn key solution for your 2.0TSI. And who doesn’t want a 450hp daily driver?


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