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APR 3.0 TFSI Supercharger Coolant Performance System

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Through extensive motorsport testing in the Grand-Am Road Racing series, and high boost pressure testing utilizing a larger supercharger, APR’s engineers were able to significantly improve the 3.0 TFSI’s supercharger cooling system. The updated system not only improves performance, but also improves overall engine reliability by keeping components well within their desired operating temperatures.

From the factory, the 3.0 TFSI’s supercharger features dual air to water heat exchangers mounted inside the unit, which are responsible for lowering the intake air temperature before it reaches the combustion chambers. As air moves through the heat exchangers heat transfer occurs, cooling the intake air while heating the coolant. The coolant is then pumped through a circuit shared with the engine’s cooling circuit and across one front and one side mounted radiator. As air rushes across the radiator, the coolant’s temperature is reduced. The cooling system’s pump circulates coolant back through the supercharger and the process recurs.

The problem with this system is that after only a few moments of spirited driving the cooling system becomes overwhelmed and lacks the ability to reduce the coolant’s temperature. This is made worse by the fact the cooling system is shared by the engine’s cooling circuit, which can easily raise coolant temperatures beyond 100°C. As a result, the system’s effectiveness decreases, intake air temperature rises, power decreases and reliability drops.

The APR Coolant Performance System takes a multi step approach to increasing the cooling system’s effectiveness, resulting in a system capable of delivering increased performance and reliability.

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ADS Requirement

ADS (Audi Drive Select) Dynamic Steering Auxiliary Cooler – Required and only applicable for vehicles with the ADS system (MS100032) Also, if partial kits are needed or individual parts are needed, please contact us


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