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Adjustable Solid Rear Sway Bar, 8J/8P Audi TT/TTS/TTRS & A3/S3/RS3, MkV/MkVI Volkswagen R32 & Golf R




034Motorsport is proud to offer the ultimate rear sway bar upgrade for the Audi 8J/8P TT/TTS/TTRS & Audi A3/S3/RS3 and MkV/MkVI Volkswagen R32 & Golf R! The 034Motorsport Adjustable Solid Rear Sway Bar is made from high-quality spring steel for maximum rigidity, and is designed to combat understeer while reducing body roll under hard cornering.

This product was tested thoroughly on the street and track on the 034Motorsport Audi TT RS 2.5 TFSI before release. The 034Motorsport Adjustable Solid Rear Sway Bar substantially reduces understeer and body roll without compromising comfort on the street.



 Make Model Year Range Application Notes
Audi A3 2006-2013 Quattro
Audi TT 2006-2013 Quattro
Audi TTS 2006-2013
Audi TTRS 2009-2013
volkswagen R32 2008
Volkswagen Golf R 2012