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OEM Map Sensor - Bosch OEM, 3 Bar




OEM Bosch 3 Bar Map Sensor for use with specific APR Stage 3 K04 and GTX Turbocharger Systems.

To provide closed-loop boost control at absolute pressure levels above 2.5 bar, many of APR’s Turbocharger Systems utilize an OEM Bosch 3-bar MAP sensor. This sensor is ONLY required and applicable where specified by APR.

Altering the ECU to understand the engine is equipped with a 3-bar MAP sensor is a trivial task. The sensor and proper calibration settings come standard on many factory VAG vehicles, but even these vehicles only provide proper closed loop boost control up to 2.5-bar absolute.

APR’s electrical engineers went many steps beyond the norm and recoded the factory ECU to deliver closed-loop boost control up to 3-bar absolute on many applications. This ability, combined with proper torque management, results in safe, reliable, and predictable performance at higher power levels without the need for clumsy and archaic external boost controlling devices.

Please note this sensor is only for use where specified by APR. This sensor cannot be installed without accompanying 3-Bar map sensor software. Without appropriate software, the engine will not function properly and is not supported by APR.

For 2.0T engines where specified by APR