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  • APR Steering Wheel Insert - Black APR Steering Wheel Insert - Silver


    APR Steering Wheel Insert

    It’s often the simple things that make all the difference when adding personalized touches to a vehicle. APR’s spent the better part of a decade adding Performance Without Compromise to vehicles such as the MK6 GTI, Golf R and many more, and the time has...

    MSRP: $21.61
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  • APR Sideburn Decals APR Sideburn Decals


    APR Sideburn Decals

    This die cut vinyl design was created in house for use on APR’s fleet of employee and R&D vehicles and is now available to the public. Each set includes a passenger and driver side decal that is intentionally longer than necessary to allow fitment on...

    MSRP: $31.10
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